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Medical, Genetic and lifestyle consultations based on science and genetics. 

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 Discover the powerful interaction between genetics, diet and lifestyle to meet your personal health and performance goals.   Our experienced medical professionals are committed to helping you attain your best health potential, regardless of your current health status.  


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Lifestyle Decisions

 Genetic analysis provides insights into potential weaknesses and strengths of your own unique DNA.  This information, combined with modifications of diet, exercise and health supplements, can help you achieve your  health goals for life.    It might take a lifetime to understand your own body on your own, but we can help understand it now, through the secrets of your own unique genetic code. 

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Fulfill Your True Health Potential

Using your unique genetic code, we can help guide your optimal diet, fitness program, and lifestyle to fulfill your true health potential- both your physical and mental health.   Understand the importance of sunlight, food, essential vitamins, and exercise to trigger your genetic potential.   Equally, understand how environmental toxins, and oxidative stress weaken your health, predicted by your genetic code.   Determine whether you might benefit from supplements or other therapies. 

We work with a variety of genetic testing laboratories, hormonal therapists, fitness coaches, nutritionists, and nutritional therapists to help you fulfill your true health potential. 

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